Aguafuerte is the spanish word for “etching”, and its literal meaning is “strong waters”.  This depicts both the nature of this printmaking process and also the strenght of the trade.  So we chose to call ourselves “Aguafuerte Taller” to show our commitment and focus on traditional printmaking.

Founded in 2009 in Santiago de Chile by lithographer and printmaker Iván Andrés Lecaros Correa, Aguafuerte Taller de Grabado y Dibujo has become one of the most active studios in town due to our teaching methods, our commitment to the community and because of our Fine Arts production.  It’s not easy to make art in Chile but we have managed to reach a good position based on hard work and a clear focus on our prime directives.

As stated in our Mission, we rely on Education, offering efficient tools and methods which allow the making of good, quality printed art pieces.  At the same point we are open to make connections with any community group, organization or individual artists seeking to share or improve their skills with the society.

If you are an artist visiting our country and you are interested into making some art, if you are interested into collaboration with a professional master printer or simply if you want to share your work please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We can offer you an excellent space, a fully equipped studio, a great team of professionally trained printmakers (who can also help you to get your work done) and the best chilean amenities.  Coffee and drinks included.  And of course some good old chilean wine too.

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